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Layered Bean Soup Mix
$4.99 each
Hearty Chili Deluxe Kitchen Sink
Soup Mix
Cuban Beans & Rice Italian Pasta & Bean Soup  
Maple Baked Beans Cuban Beans & Rice Italian Pasta & Bean
Pancake Mix Spicy Carrot Cake Bean Brownies Applesauce & Raisin
Plain Muffins Chocolate Mocha
Chocolate Chip Bean
Pizza Crust    
$5.99 each
1 kg. bag of Bean Flour $3.99
Full of Beans Cookbook $20.00
Features gluten-free and non gluten-free recipes.

Written by Kay Spicer M.A., P.H.Ec, well-known Canadian Food writer and broadcaster and Violet Currie P.H.D. R.P.Dt Associate Principal and Co-Ordinator of the Food Service Management Program.
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